3 Rules.

I found my limit. I just got done speaking to 600 middle schoolers over the 8 classes at a half hour each.

Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe it. But it was a great time and it was a great opportunity to pass on some simple lessons that I have learned in life.

In my talk I covered the 3 rules to life that I learned from Lou Holtz.

Do right.

Do your best.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Simple rules but hard to follow. It was a great day and hopefully someone walked away with a new perspective on how to live just a little bit better.


2 thoughts on “3 Rules.

  1. I bet you did a great job. Let me know, when you’d like to talk to 150 jr’s and sr’s over a 6 period day. 🙂

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