Lite weights.

A while back my father and I were talking about going to church and the importance there of for believers. He said something very true.

“You can’t be a Christian by remote control.”

One of the more troubling signs of our dualistic societal thinking is that we have confused the purpose of the little white fence, and we put them around every thing in our lives. What I mean is that our Church’s are filled (and emptied) with people who think that God, His word and His Church applies to spiritual things, but not to actual things. This creates a sense that one does not need to be the Church, so going to the church building also becomes optional.

Being the Church is for the edification of God, me and my neighbor. Therefore not being the Church (consistently) is best demonstrated by my absence from the Church building (consistently).

I’ve heard many say that they are spiritual and don’t need to gather with a body of believers to worship Jesus. But worshiping God is not defined by the way we prefer to do it. Not worshiping with other believers is the spiritual equivalent to being malnourished, and keeping your spiritual weight down has never been the goal. You don’t hit the gym on an empty stomach (personal lesson learned).

This is why many Churches feel like the 98 pound weakling on football team.


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