The system is down?

I will be at Catalyst Conference for the next few days getting to hear some of the best speakers and minds in ministry and leadership in general. My daughter said that she would pray for me while I am there and I already can’t wait to get back.

But before I go I just wanted to comment briefly on the whole government shut down thing.

Coercion is never a good thing. Even the puppy dog eyed, quivering lip variety. When my son wants chocolate milk I give it to him (or don’t) because I love him, not because he sometimes throws a fit. From everything that I’ve read the Republicans have tried to repeal Obamacare some 40 times and have failed. This is now akin to throwing a hissy fit (or Whitaker fit as my mother would say). Holding your breath until you turn blue is only embarrassing to the Republican party and any attempt to blame this shutdown on Obama is a “fail mary”.

My statement here is not an endorsement for or against the whole program. I have yet to really understand it (probably because the propaganda on either side is almost impossible to see through). I was joking earlier that have a lot of mixed feelings on the whole government shutdown ranging from not caring, to complete and utter apathy. I think most of American’s feel this way because they don’t know what to really think about it.

I pray this situation is resolved and soon.


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