Ugly or Pretty?

As a father of a little girl it was very disturbing for me today to learn that there is this trend on youtube called “pretty or ugly.” It is basically where girls upload a video of themselves and ask the entire world the question if she is pretty or ugly. *long sigh. There are so […]

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3 Rules.

I found my limit. I just got done speaking to 600 middle schoolers over the 8 classes at a half hour each. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe it. But it was a great time and it was a great opportunity to pass on some simple lessons that I have learned in life. In my […]

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Was Jesus a sissy?

Jesus doesn’t live by the sword but that doesn’t mean He won’t be carrying one on His way back. There has been some chatter lately about whether or not Jesus is a pacifist and I think there is a lot of confusion about equating pacifism with weakness. Perhaps one of the most notable examples was […]

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Beyond pithy thumb jitters.

This is going to be a rant. Recently I was asked to sit on the School Advisory Committee for Jefferson Middle School. We discussed new strategies for teaching students better writing and language skills. It is rather apparent that our young people don’t read like they used to. I’m not even sure if they read […]

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Lite weights.

A while back my father and I were talking about going to church and the importance there of for believers. He said something very true. “You can’t be a Christian by remote control.” One of the more troubling signs of our dualistic societal thinking is that we have confused the purpose of the little white […]

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Shadow Boxing.

A while back I saw a video about a grand master martial artist who claimed to have a 200-0 record. His knockout expertise? Invisible energy punches. He eventually put out a little bounty on his own head wagering $5,000 to anyone who could beat him in a fight. An MMA fighter challenged him. *Spoiler Alert* […]

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