2D Topography

There is a value that has risen to the top of our culture and I just want to take a moment and reflect on it’s error when taken to it’s ultimate end. I want to talk about the value of “fairness.”

We see this most humorously and horrifically when little Johnny gets a “certificate of participation” at the 4th grade graduation ceremony. Participation is the least amount of something that you can be rewarded for but everyone should get something right?

This little idea of not wanting anyone to be average robs the truly exceptional of any recognition.

This is an instance when, to quote Tim Elmore “our values get in the way of what we value.”

On one hand we don’t want anyone to feel left out or less than. On the other we want to acknowledge those who have risen above. No one likes getting picked last in dodgeball but the answer is not to stop playing dodgeball all together or have a new game where you don’t keep score and everyone gets picked first.

Life can’t be fair. This incessant desire to flatten the world will alleviate us of the valleys, but it will also rob us of the majesty of the mountains.


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