In the shallow end of a deflated kiddie pool.

It seems like one of the more difficult things for most conservatively minded people to do is to take a playful dip in the kiddie pool of satire. I tweeted earlier today that it took a “communist president to bring together a communist president and the republican party.”

Now the thing about satire and sarcasm is that the best ones don’t need to be explained. So in order for me to dislodge this statement from whatever car it’s rolled under I’m going to have to lie down and root around for it.

When I say “communist president” I’m referring to Obama in the way that the Republican’s often view him as. Most conservatives that I know consider Obama a pure blooded communist which might also be the only pure blooded thing they believe about him. Obviously the Republican’s view communism with much disdain and I’m tempted to agree in certain points.

Yet what makes this really interesting and a little wacky in my mind is that an actual communist president in Vladimir Putin thinks that we shouldn’t attack or get heavily involved with Syria. Funny thing is, that’s what the majority of the Republican party thinks as well. Now Putin is not strictly a communist in a traditional sense, but that is besides the point because that’s what most conservatives view him as.

I suppose the more important point that I’m trying to make is that when we just name call and put labels on people or things that we don’t really know then we have turned a real argument or conversation into something way less helpful or interesting. Politics.


One thought on “In the shallow end of a deflated kiddie pool.

  1. As an independent, I see both parties using the same attacks just using different words. The words used against Republicans are bigot, racist, and greedy. The words that are used against Democrats include communist, socialist, and uneducated. None of these accusations are true of the Democrats and Republicans I know. I know Republicans that would give the shirt off their back and I know Democrats that are incredible smart. The media gives the impression that every person that belongs to a party must fall under these categories. It is simply not true.

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