A battle of words.

One of the battles Christians have either not been willing to fight or not have noticed is that the world would have you believe that the language found in the Bible is hate speech. Using words like “wicked” “unrighteous” and “abomination” is not hate speech when spoken by our Heavenly Father. To condemn evil, and […]

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What God is building.

There is a question that I love to ask people that I meet. “What is the one thing you understand about life that you wish everyone else in the world understood just as well?” This question often gets to the heart of what a person truly cares about and what they actually believe about life. […]

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Sin and Consequence

I heard a great quote this week. “You can choose your sin, but you can’t choose your consequence.” How many times have we done the wrong thing, and then were very displeased with what happened afterward? Everyday we are presented with choices, and sin is often one of them. We can choose whether or not […]

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